Built with Berta.me

  1. What being, with only once voice, has sometimes two feet, sometimes three, sometimes four, and is weakest when it has the most?, 2019

    hydrocal, faux fur, wood, single-channel video on flatscreen, headphones

    dimensions variable, 4:14 minutes loop

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  2. Minatour in Contrapposto (parallax view), 2018

    30" x 30" x 60", two-channel video on flatscreens, wood, and concrete

  3. Sleeping Minotaur Bed, 2018

    11ft x 8ft x 35in, Plywood and paint w/ bedding, single-channel video on flatscreen with steel mount

  4. Portal Cabinet, 2018

    52" x 20" x 98", Plywood, Latex Paint, Piano Hinge, Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete, Corn