Caleb Engstrom ©

Built with

  1. Prōsopon, the word for face, 2020

    Polyfoam, silicone, and polished copper, 24” X 12” X 10”

  2. Mime work, making the invisible visible, 2020 (video stills)

    Single-channel video, 9:59 minutes looping

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  3. Risograph poster-fold-up, 11x17, 2020

  4. What being, with only once voice, has sometimes two feet, sometimes three, sometimes four, and is weakest when it has the most?, 2019

    hydrocal, faux fur, wood, single-channel video on flatscreen, headphones

    dimensions variable, 4:14 minutes loop

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  5. Minatour in Contrapposto (parallax view), 2018

    30" x 30" x 60", two-channel video on flatscreens, wood, and concrete

  6. Sleeping Minotaur Bed, 2018

    11ft x 8ft x 35in, Plywood and paint w/ bedding, single-channel video on flatscreen with steel mount

  7. Portal Cabinet, 2018

    52" x 20" x 98", Plywood, Latex Paint, Piano Hinge, Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete, Corn